Why am I so busy all of the time?

Why am I so busy all of the time?

Can I get an, “Amen?” We’re all busy, aren’t we? It feels like any moment we have a chance to breathe, something fills the void rather quickly. But, what are we to do? In today’s episode, Cameron and Dr. J take a look at what God’s Word has to say about our busy schedules and how we can maintain an attitude of gratitude in the midst of life’s chaos. Friends, we know this season has been exhausting, and our prayer is that this episode might play at a least a small role in encouraging you to find your rest in Him today.

04:05 — How can we maintain an attitude of gratitude in the midst of all we might be walking through today?

08:45 — Why are so many people so angry? What does our anger reveal about our hearts?

13:49 — It makes sense why we need to rest, but why did God rest after creation? Does He need to rest, too?

15:02 — Our culture seems to wear busyness as a badge of honor, but what does the Bible have to say about our busy schedules?

19:52 — So, what do we do about that? Is there a way we can be less busy?

26:19 — Isn’t some of our busyness out of our control? I’m thinking of three big areas: work, family, and church. To a certain degree, shouldn’t I expect those things to fill up my calendar?

28:23 — How do we draw up those healthy boundaries around others’ expectations of us?

For more content on this episode’s questions, we invite you to check out a sermon by Dr. Jason Karampatsos in the sixth week of the Giving Up series at https://nlag.net/sermons/giving-up-week-six/.

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