What is the difference between unity and uniformity? (Part One)

What is the difference between unity and uniformity? (Part One)

You guys have submitted some serious questions for this week!! Cameron and Dr. J actually spent a great deal of time before even hitting record discussing your questions. Then, they spent even more time talking through them with live microphones. So much so, in fact, we officially have our second two-parter episode. Prayerfully, the conversation does justice to some phenomenal questions before opening up a conversation regarding the difference between unity and uniformity. Be sure to join us again next week as unpack that idea a bit further with some questions and answers!

03:08 — I was reading Jude this morning and came across the part talking about Michael contending with the devil over the body of Moses. What exactly does this mean?

15:18 — What is Christian unity?

16:08 — What isn’t Christian unity?

17:46 — Where does the line get crossed between churches who are on the same mission into churches competing with one another?

19:25 — What does unity look like and not like when it comes to the people I’m sitting with in my church?

21:48 — How do we maintain unity when we don’t agree with a decision that has been made?

28:31— How can a church achieve true biblical unity, and what is my role in that?

For more content on this episode’s questions, we invite you to check out a sermon by Dr. Jason Karampatsos in the third week of the Own the Vision series at https://nlag.net/sermons/own-the-vision-diversely-unified/.

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