What is godly wisdom?

What is godly wisdom?

Wisdom isn’t just about what you know; it’s about what you do with what you know. But, how does one really know when they are wise? How does one measure that? And, particularly for those living with a Christian worldview, what does godly wisdom look like when compared to what the world has to offer? In this episode, Cameron and Dr. J tackle a few listener questions before diving into this conversation on wisdom. And, in particular, this episode’s goal is not that you would simply know more but that you would desire the wisdom that comes from the Lord.

02:17 — Are we children of Israel? Since God’s people are the people of Israel, are we who are not from Israel not His people?

05:07 — Did God name everything?

07:08 — In the Old Testament, we read about the land flowing with milk and honey. What does that mean? Milk spoils and honey is sticky, so I know it’s not literal, or is it? Like lots of cows and bees?

09:56 — Why is it that wisdom is referred to as a she in Proverbs? Who is she?

13:40 — We read in Ecclesiastes 7:16, “Do not be overly righteous, and do not make yourself too wise.” How could we be too wise and why would that be a bad thing?

17:13 — What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

20:07 — Scripture tells us that though it may cost everything we have to get wisdom. Why wisdom, though? Why not love or joy or peace? It’s just not what I would expect to see from the pages of the Bible.

24:05 — How is fear of the Lord the beginning of wisdom?

27:44 — Is there a difference between the wisdom we read about in Proverbs and the spiritual gift of the word of wisdom we see in the New Testament?

30:22 — So, how do we grow in godly wisdom?

For more content on this episode’s questions, we invite you to check out a sermon by Dr. Jason Karampatsos in the first week of the Proverbs series at https://nlag.net/sermons/proverbs-week-one-wisdom/.

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