Special Cornucopia Edition

Special Cornucopia Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! In this episode, Dr. J and Cameron sit down with a plate of their favorite Thanksgiving food, fully energized to tackle all the great questions you’ve been submitting. If you have submitted a question and have not heard it addressed yet in an episode, then this is the episode for you. That’s right; we’re so thankful for our listeners and the questions they have been submitting. So, today, we sit down and talk through ONLY the questions you have personally emailed. So, whether you’re prepping the turkey or already sitting down with some leftovers, get comfortable and join the conversation.

03:59 — Are we spiritual beings having a human experience? If so, how does our spirit differ from the Holy Spirit?

07:38 — The spiritual things are very hard to understand, but I yearn to know more. Any suggested reading on the Holy Spirit?

10:16 — As I was sitting quietly before the Lord this morning, I don’t “hear” Him, but is He speaking to my spirit? So that what He has to say will come to me when I need it?

13:48 — If I have a choice of doing a couple things, or decisions that need to be made, and I ask for Holy Guidance, but still don’t know what’s the best way to go about it, if I make the wrong decision, is that just a lesson I am to learn, or wasn’t I listening closely enough?

16:32 — Is it okay for me to read a book penned by man in the morning versus my morning devotionals?

19:59 — Does God answer prayers after an event has happened?

24:22 — A pastor we have followed for years has in the past confessed to be a happy Calvinist. As we grow in our faith and learn more about calvinism and some of their beliefs we don’t agree with. Is there something to be learned from someone of a different denomination? Or should we stop listening to his sermons? Should we just be extra cautious about checking his sermons against scripture?

29:06 — We read in Proverbs 1:7, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” What does “fear the Lord” actually mean? If I were surrounded by a bunch of thugs in a dark alley I’d have fear. I feel this isn’t the same kind of fear, but why is the word fear used?

31:16 — Can your calling in life change? Say for example you feel God is called you to the missions field, is it possible five years down the road he will call you or something else? Or is a calling something like once you’ve been called to it that’s what you will do?

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