Is forgetting the past actually possible?

Is forgetting the past actually possible?

We’ve all heard it said before: forgive and forget. What does that even mean, though? And, even more than that: is that even the wise thing to do? Forgiving someone in and of itself can be a difficult thing but to forget the things that have been done surely is impossible. In this episode, Cameron and Dr. J continue their emotions series and take a look at what we do with the hurts we carry. Plus, one of the questions almost made them add an explicit tag to the title!

02:08 — We know that Jehosophat is a king in the Bible, so where did the term jumping Jehosophat come from?

04:01 — Are children punished for sins of their parents? What does the Bible say about generational sin or generational curses?

09:43 — How does our past hold us up?

11:52 — Dr. J once said in a message, “We cannot break the influences of the past, but we can break the power of the past.” What’s the difference?

14:56 — Is forgetting the past biblical? Is it even possible?

17:36 — How should a Christian deal with the guilt regarding past sins, whether that was pre- or post-salvation?

21:37 — What about past wrongs done against us? How do we forgive the pain of past abuse, for example?

24:20 — What encouragement or advice would you have for those carrying shame and regret today?

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