How can we expect the unexpected? [LIVE]

How can we expect the unexpected? [LIVE]

Cameron and Dr. J go live in this episode! In this extended conversation, You Asked for It takes some questions in realtime as they discuss seasons of fasting and how to expect the unexpected. You might be feeling that after 2020,  nothing can be unexpected! But, we believe that it’s not a year alone that can usher in change. That comes only as we fix our eyes upon Jesus and grow in deeper and deeper trust in His character.

02:35 — It seems like God is silent about the things going on in our nation. Why do you think that is?

06:08 — Why have you called us, as a church, to a corporate fast? And, why an annual fast?

08:56 — What are the logistics of this year’s fast? When does it start and end? What should we be doing during the fast?

10:37 — What should we do with our extra time or in place of the things we are fasting from?

12:25 — In light of everything going on around us and in our nation, how do we even really pray?

18:22 — How do we know what we ought to be fasting from?

21:32 — We have been encouraging people to ask God what to fast from, and there are several people fasting rom social media or Netflix or something similar. But, I thought fasting was about food? I mean, isn’t that what we see in the Bible?

31:34 — How is fasting really about our hearts (and not our stomachs)?

36:48 — Doesn’t being ready for the unexpected make the unexpected expected? I guess, what does that look like and how do we prepare ourselves for things not known?

39:53 — How do we include our children in our last? How do we explain it to them?

47:19 — What words of encouragement and advice do you have for us? For those of us struggling with a fast, does it get easier For those of us who are finding it to be breeze, does it become more difficult?

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