Christmas Lightning Round

Christmas Lightning Round

It’s here! Merry Christmas! We know you have plenty of plans for Christmas (and maybe they’re just to lounge around the house with the family all day — that’s okay!), but we wanted to be apart of them. So, this episode is a little different. Dr. J and Cameron set out to tackle 12 Christmas questions in 12 minutes. And, to everyone’s surprised, they didn’t only accomplish this—they did in nearly half the time. So, in this episode, we tackle some different questions from our usual line up, and turn our attention to some of our Christmas traditions. What are they? Why are they? Well, let’s tune in and find out.

01:06 — What is a Noel?

01:20 — Is it okay for us to write X-mas instead of Christmas?

01:34 — How many wise men does the Bible say visited Jesus?

01:53 — Traditionally speaking, why are candy canes red and white?

02:16 — Is there a reason that red and green are traditionally associated with Christmas?

02:39 — What’s the deal with people kissing underneath the mistletoe?

03:08 — What is a Yule log?

03:40 — What does “bah humbug” mean?

03:57 — What’s the difference between a Christmas carol and a Christmas hymn?

04:26 — What are the twelve days of Christmas?

04:48 — Why do we have a tree, and why do we put ornaments on it?

05:13 — What does it mean when we say “Good Tidings”?

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