A Year in Review

A Year in Review

Look, we know many of you have been waiting for this day to come: the last day of 2020. But, honestly, it would be quite the shame to roll into another calendar year the same way we are leaving this one. There is so much for us to reflect upon and learn from in 2020. In fact, in this episode, Cameron and Dr. J sit down as the countdown begins and discuss what we went through in 2020 and how it can prepare us for 2021. And, if you want to roll into the new year while listening to this podcast, sit tight and hit play at exactly 11:29:22 PM!

03:32 — What have been some of the biggest challenges you have encountered in 2020?

12:50 — What are some of the biggest opportunities you have observed this past year?

16:37 — Any observations from 2020 as you reflect on it in hindsight?

20:20 — How do we move forward into 2021? 23:22 — What are some of the things we should expect from 2021?

26:40 — How should we approach and walk through 2021?

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